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Sangam Apartment


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Rudra Sangam

Near Rishabhdev Jain Mandir,
Main Ald-Vns Highway, Jhunsi,

Allahabad - a place where spirituality emits from every nook and corner. Almost every place, location and structure, and even their names, has a spiritual connection. Rivers too, are not untouched by the same and thus, worshipped here. Mere passing of a holy river through a region makes that region spiritual, what to say of a place which is the conflux of three main Indian rivers - namely Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati. While, the first two are physically present, river Saraswati is present ethereally. In this same pious land, we proudly present Rudra Sangam, the high-rise apartments based on the confluence of three rivers reflecting the main ideologies of Rudra Group-quality, luxury and passion to recreate a world of difference.