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Chairman & Managing Director

The long, eventful and consequently the very successful journey for the Rudra Real Estate Pvt Ltd. started with a single step when Mr. Anoop Agrawal ventured into real estate sector almost two decades back. A self-made man, his sharp acumen guided him from business success story to another.

Blessed with superior creative faculties, razor sharp intellect and boundless energy, Mr. Agrawal quickly introduced several progressive changes and enabled the company report profits from the get go.

Under his able leadership, Rudra Group made rapid inroads in the real estate sector that ensured faith and increment in customers and investors. Due to his dedication Rudra Group successfully delivered several ambitious projects, changing the landscape of several cities in India. Mr. Anoop Agrawal has been instrumental in reshaping the outlook of the company, and set the base for an exponential development drive. His marketing acumen enhanced the brand presence of Rudra Real Estate Pvt Ltd., resulting in an increased interest of stakeholders in the future prospects of the company.

Mr. Anoop Agrawal is today one of the most recognized businessmen and Rudra brand is readily acknowledged as representing the gold standards. As the pre-eminent developer of quality real estate, Mr. Anoop's acumen is unrivalled, and the diversity of his interests has set a new paradigm in the world of business. His commitment to excellence is legendary, and his work as a philanthropist is an integral part of his business ethos. He is the archetypal entrepreneur and a one of a kind visionary, who's building brick-by-brick the future of India.



Managing Director

It's said that great works are performed, not by strength, but by perseverance and sheer will to win, Mr. Arun Agrawal has shouldered his monumental responsibility of taking the company to a new level with consummate ease.

Mr. Agrawal, who expertly handles the day to day operations of the company with consummate ease, has through his tireless mentoring of the Team Rudra has made such ideals like world class construction and timely possession the lifeblood of the company. His goal is to always ensure that no matter how ambitious the project, all commitments made by the company to its clients should not just be met but exceeded.

Arun Agrawal with a strong will and deep rooted moral values firmly believes in excellence and is all set to take the company to newer horizons. He is the young face of Rudra Group; its torch bearer.